Ross Legacy Medical Group is committed to making our patients healthy.  We believe in preventative care and changing habits to positively affect your health so that you won't need to see us! To help with this we are introducing Ross Rewards, a reward program that awards you for staying healthy!  You will get rewards for preventative checks, immunizations, and participating in other events.  The first of which is our Challenge to you to live a healthier life!  We are giving you six months to change ONE thing about you. In addition to improving your overall health, you will get an Amazon gift card!

Do you have high cholesterol? High Blood pressure? Overweight? Want to decrease screen time for your kids?  Want to decrease your stress?


To begin your Ross Rewards Challenge:

Ross Legacy Medical Group will help you along this journey with free access to a Fitness, Health and Wellness Coach, weekly emails with tips for your personal challenge and weekly workouts and recipes on a closed Facebook Challenge group.

Call Us:  (949) 305-0110

Ross Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How do I begin?

A:   Book an appointment with one of the medical providers at Ross Legacy and come prepared with what you would like to work on.  Your medical provider will provide you with healthy recommendation for your end result.  For example, if you would like to lose weight, in the six months we would only expect 20-30 lbs of weight loss to win the challenge.  

Q:  How long is the challenge? 

A:   It will be six months

Q:  What is the difference between personal and team?  Can I do both?

A:   The personal challenge is a goal for your improved wellbeing.  The team challenge must be 2 or more working towards a goal.  Yes you can do both!!  For example, you can personally want to reduce your cholesterol, but you want your family to reduce screen time and be more active, so you can be working towards personal and sign up your family for the team goal.

Q:  I've never been a patient at your office, is that ok?

A:   Absolutely!  We welcome everyone!

Q:  What is the refer goalmakers?

A:   If you refer a someone and they sign up for a challenge, you both get $10 gift card.

Q:  How many challenges are you allowed?

A:   One personal and one team.  We want you to succeed and making life long changes for good is difficult.   Studies show focusing on one to two negative habits will result in positive changes instead of attempting to change multiple habits at once.  We don't want you to lower your blood pressure for just six months, we want you to keep it longterm. 

Q:  Where can I get additional information about your rewards?

A:   You may email us at .

1. Schedule an appointment with your Ross Legacy Provider to choose your challenge, collect 'before' data and come up with a plan for success.   They will get the appropriate tests, labs or weight verified to start. 

2. Biweekly submit progress updates with the clinic or any other their social media sites

3. Schedule a follow up appointment at the half way point (3 months).

4. Schedule a completion appointment at the conclusion (6 months).

To help you achieve success:

Personal Goal = $50 gift card

Team Goal = $50 gift card 

Refer Goalmakers = $10 Gift Card

We're making an investment in your health....