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In Memoriam 

Thorild A. Ross, MD

(1935 - 2008)

"Little House on the Prairie" was once filmed on a horse property behind my house in the L.A. area when I was a young boy.  It was fascinating to watch all the famous actors play their roles in each of the scenes.  What struck me was Doc Baker and his vintage doctor's bag.  As I watched Doc Baker in his various scenes and takes, I wondered if real life physicians still used those doctor's bags and were as much a part of their town and families as the Doc Baker character was on the show.  I recalled the few times I had to visited our family doctor and I never saw that doctor's bag.  Even though our physician was friendly, I didn't think he resembled a "Doc Baker".

Fast forward many years and I have graduated medical school, completed residency and started working at corporate owned clinics.  I often thought about Doc Baker and his vintage doctor's bag.  Then one day, I was talking to an older physician about becoming a doctor at his office and I noticed a black bag almost identical to Doc Baker's bag.  I flashed back to that boyhood memory and pondered if I had finally met a real life "Doc Baker".  Turned out I was right and that doctor was Dr. Ross.

Over the years Dr. Ross mentored me in the art of traditional family doctor ideals and work ethic.  He told me stories of his early practice days in Mission Viejo, the generations of families he treated (many of whom he delivered), the vast ranch land that homes now occupy, the doctors who would ride their horse to Mission Hospital and tie them to a hitching post outside the entrance near his 1973 Buick Riviera.  He also taught me the business of medicine and stressed the importance of being innovative and technologically current.  I was privileged to learn from him and to be his business partner in his satellite office in Ladera Ranch.  Dr. Ross passed away in 2008 and I promised myself that I would continue to practice traditional patient care combined with modern medicine.  

Today, I am fortunate to be back at the location he founded over forty years ago and create a medical practice rooted in heritage and blossoms with each new patient. This practice is Ross Legacy Medical Group.  I also carry a doctor's bag, although not a "Doc Baker" vintage one, but an updated version with my stethoscope and a laptop.

To schedule an appointment with myself or my fellow colleagues, please call: (949) 305-0110 or book online.  Walk-ins are always welcome.

- Dr. Karl Gebhard

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